The state of the Eric address

Every year on or around my birthday I take a look back at the previous year to see if I grew or in others words bettered myself. This year is no different however I am finding it hard to see where in any area I’ve improved. Financially, the past year has been an even draw even tho finances went up the need for a new car came up so the added finances is ultimately going there. Career wise there was no growth there either still doing the same thing a year ago. Fitness and health if anything slid backward a bit. Relationship department has gotten a bit stagnant as well. And last but certainly my Christian walk has been a bit of a roller coaster with high moments but also low moments too.
After dwelling on that a bit I’ve come up with a life budget that should allow growth in all areas, the plan is there it just needs to be implemented.


An answered question

A question was once asked, if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Of coarse the answer is yes.

Like wise to a similar question I asked myself when pondering my work situation.

If a customer comes in to shop when I’m not there, are they still served?
And the realization that the answer to this too is yes, made me realize I’m not as important to my employer as I once thought, in fact they could do just as well without me.

So with that said I need to let The Lord lead me to my higher calling (place undetermined yet) and just move on. Because I’m sure once my usefulness for them has past they will move on from me.

Another work day

Being that I work in retail, I get to interact with a lot of people, more than I care to, and I do the best I can. Any who being that I work in one of the busiest retail establishments I see and analyze enough people that I feel I have a pretty good sized chunk of the society pie, and what I see doesn’t impress me. I see lots of lies, cheats and thieves, people who are selfish and only care about themselves. It seems morals and good character are a rare find, not completely gone yet and bless those who hang on to it, but no longer common place by far.

No greater example of this than a situation I just had happen the other day, I was working my point of sale area, and I had this guy come up to me stating he wanted to ad match some items one of them being a gallon of store brand milk. I politely explained to the man, that it was our policy not to match store brand items as it’s really not a true match, and that the exception to the policy was discontinued six weeks ago. The man gets huffy with me and tells me that’s not what corporate told him and he hands me piece of paper that he received from them.
The piece of paper he handed me, was our policy from A to Z, he had highlighted to points that were in his favor, and continued to insist I do the match. I however continued to politely refuse to do so and I pointed out on that very piece of paper, lower on the page where he must have forgotten to read, that stated that we did not match private label items (store brands).
He wouldn’t except this, even from his own piece of paper, I finally said it’s right there in black and white, would you still like the milk or not? His response oh whatever. He took the milk anyways, but my thought afterwards here again is proof the customer isn’t always right

By the way we were forced to become strict on our policy because a large group of people became less than honest on prices when matching, we caught on to this, thank them…..